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Crocodile Clinch Unit CCU 523


523_bigHigh clinch force along with short cycle time characterizes the BTM crocodile unit.
The  integrated rotary suspension design allows rotating the clinch unit  by 360° without twisting the hydraulic and pneumatic control hoses. The rotary suspension is equipped with detents every 90° for easy handling in rectangular
This clinch unit can be powered by a pneumo-hydraulic intensifier (Booster) with just 6 bars air supply or with a hydraulic power pack and electric controls.







Weight of clinch gun: 8,0 kg
max. Clinch force: 44 kN
Cycle time: 1-1,5 s
Power stroke: 6 mm
Opening: 41 mm
Throat depth: 50 mm
Max. sheet metal thickness: 3,5 mm
Power supply: pneumo-hydraulic Booster 360 bar
at 6 bar air supply
at 380 V power supply



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