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100 Серия OMNI зажимы


BTM's line of OMNI clamps are designed for high production; and most feature a manually positionable 360° rotating head which is locked into place when the mounting screws are tightened.

  • Compact & Light Weight.
  • Designed for High Production.
  • Several Styles Available.

OMNI Clamp Photos



OMNI Head Information:

omni_rotate omni_clamp_sample
Manually Positionable Head locks in place when mounting screws are tightened.


100 Series OMNI Clamp Specifications

  PCO-100-V_primary PCO-100-H_primary PCO-100-SL_primary
  130° Opening Clamp Vertical Arm 110° Opening Clamp Horizontal Arm Linear Opening Clamp Slide Arm
Bore Ø 25mm [1.00"] 25mm [1.00"] 25mm [1.00"]
.34 kg [.75 lbs] .34 kg [.75 lbs] .34 kg [.75 lbs]
Stroke 29.21mm [1.15"] 25.91mm [1.02"] 29.21mm [1.15"]
Arm Opening 130° 110° 29.21mm [1.15"]
OMNI Head? yes yes yes


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